Social Media List Building:
Turning “Likes” Into Leads


Your Host, Laura Roeder

When the time comes for a launch or a promo – anything that’s about making sales – the most powerful tool in your arsenal is email. So how do you turn “likes” into email addresses?


In this workshop, I’m going to guide you through the process of getting that fanbase from social networks onto your email list.

Join me live to learn:

  • the two stages of list building that create a no-touch, continuous cycle of list building – once you put the wheels in motion, you’ll sit back and literally watch your list grow
  • the proven LKR List Building method of using social media to get 500+ new email address on our lists every week
  • the 3 blink-and-you-miss-them links used to gradually herd your fans over to your opt-in form
  • the #1 factor that will make or break your list building strategy. (Hint: it’s not on Facebook!)

Plus the chance to get personal advice from Laura on how to apply this strategy to your own business!

This workshop was created specifically for you if:

  • your email list is growing at a snail’s pace and you want to turn it up about 87 notches!
  • you’re super active on social media, but aren’t seeing that time translate into names on your list
  • your email list is STILL under 5,000 people
  • you know you need to focus on list building as your next major initiative to grow your business
  • you don’t quite understand how your social media activity translates to a bigger list

What you’ll need to participate in this workshop:

30 minutes. That’s it. We’ve changed our format so that you get just as much valuable info for your business in half the time. Our goal is to give you more more bang for your “buck” – after all, your time is worth tons, and we want to be sure to recognize that!


See you there!

Laura Roeder

Founder, LKR Social Media

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